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N.C.T.E Code :-114047

It is with a feeling of pleasure and a sense of duty to open a website
for our Institution, share our views & facilities provided by  our institution on
the globe ,it is the need of the hour, This century is information technology century, to prepare our students for a global challenge.

We hope this website will serve its purpose and take the students a ste
p ahead in attaining proficiency as teachers. The staff has displayed
great gift of excellence in the preparation of this website.
  We're always delighted to share information about  our aim,
 about our academic programs and our

 we encourage you to visit us any time, online or in person.            

Nilkanth Sitaram Chaudhari
Shahid BhagatSingh College Of Physical Education,
N.C.T.E. Code- 114047

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Name & Address :- Shahid BhagatSingh College of Physical Education
Kondeshwar Mandir Road Amravati 444701
Phone (0721)26990501
Address :- Shri Manoj Bhende
President Late Prabhakarrao Bhende education Society 
Khaparde Garden Amravati Ph:-(0721)2663275,(0721)2663302


Name & Address Of Principal :- Shri N.S. Chaudhari Near Ice factory Rajapeth Amravati 444605

Affiliation:- Shahid Bhagatsingh College Of Physical Education Offering B.P.Ed (1 Year) course is affiliated to SantGadgeBaba Amravati Unversity ,Amravati

The Aims & Objectives of the College :-

1)To train teachers & lecturers in physical education for secondary school, college & universities.

2) To prepare administration & supervisors in physical education who will be able to conduct & organize program of physical education in all types of institution & organization.

3) To prepare research workers & leaders in physical education.

Working Hours:-

Daily working hours adjusted according to climatic seasons & convenience. However the college works in two shifts, morning & evening for total of about 7 hours.

Name of Institution run by Management:-

1) D.Ed College Kondeshwar Mandir Road Amravati 444701
2) Tanaji Malusare Madhyamic Vidhyalaya Raipur Tq.Chikaldar Dist. Amravati
3) BajiPrabhu Deshpande Madhyamic Vidhyalaya Kajoldoh  Tq.Chikaldar Dist. Amravati
4) Krushi Vidhalaya Savner Tq. NandgaonKhandeshwar Dist. Amravati
5) Dairy School  Savner Tq. NandgaonKhandeshwar Dist. Amravati

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Permission Letter

Permission Letter

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